David W. Gray

Skills Summary

  • Management
    • Managed teams from two to ten people
    • Senior member of feature team in many Microsoft product cycles
    • Experience with SCRUM and other agile methodologies
    • Experience with feature crews and traditional waterfall methodologies
    • Experience with running a SCRUM crew within a larger project using waterfall
  • Technical
    • 10+ years of C/C++ programming experience
    • 10+ years of C# programming experience
    • Most experienced in thick client applications, especially diagnostics tools
    • Some experience in three tier applications including DRM content servers
    • Silverlight/WP7 programming experience

Employment History

2013 Sabbatical Seattle, WA
  • Learning Spanish
  • Learning to play the piano
  • Learning to tap dance
  • Doing some writing
  • Doing some coding
  • Generally Rebooting
2006-2012 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Principle Lead Software Design Engineer
  • Visual Studio Debugger
  • IntelliTrace(TM)
  • Visual Studio Profiler
2003-2005 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Senior Software Design Engineer
  • Visual Studio Profiler
1999-2003 theGray.com Seattle, WA
  • General software and internet consulting
1996-1998 Sunhawk.com Seattle, WA
Vice President of Technology
  • Internet sheet music publisher
1995-1996 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Lead Software Design Engineer
  • Visual C++ Enterprise Edition
1989-1995 Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA
Software Design Engineer
  • Video compression technology research in MS Research
  • Integrated the debugger into VC++ 1.0 - 2.0
  • CodeView Developer
1982-1988 Bethesda Computers Bethesda, MD
Sales, Support and Training
Weekends and Evenings during High School and Summers and Holidays in College
  • Sold Apple IIs, Macintoshes, and early PC Clones to walk in customers and corporate accounts.
  • Performed both hardware repair and software training.
  • Specialized in enabling people with disabilities to use computers.
  • Software consulting including writing an integration layer for a calculus teaching program and data conversion for a stock market analyst.
  • Designed and taught courses in BASIC and LOGO for younger students in the store‚Äôs learning lab


Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science/Applied Math (Computer Science)

References available upon request.

I haven't converted all of the details of my resume to web format (I'm trying to decide if I want to find a decent method of keeping all versions in sync of just brute force it). In the meantime, for my full resume please go ahead and download it.

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